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Bascom Palmer Eye Institute 50th Anniversary Reunion & Scientific Meeting

1967 Residents at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

1967 Residents at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

Takeshi Matsugi, Ph.D., F 96

Fellow, 1996

Takeshi Matsugi and AndersonCongratulations on the 50th anniversary of the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. I am honored to be writing for this special occasion. I worked with Dr. Douglas R Anderson from August 1995 to December 1996, and studied cultured retinal pericytes in an effort to clarify the mechanisms of ocular blood flow regulation. I remember it as if it were yesterday. For me, it was a valuable opportunity to do intensive glaucoma research, as well as experience different cultures.

Takeshi Matsugi, PhD.After returning to Japan, I continued research on retinal pericytes and received a Ph.D. degree (Pharmacology) based on the results. As a researcher in a pharmaceutical company, I was in charge of some projects for developing anti-glaucoma agents. Fortunately, one product was approved and launched in Japan as well as other countries. Currently, I work in the Project Management Group with the same company, and participate in new drug development from project management perspective. I enjoy the busy days working with my colleagues. We hope to provide new treatment choices to patients suffering from eye diseases as quickly as possible.

My best wishes for continued success and prosperity of the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.