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Bascom Palmer Eye Institute 50th Anniversary Reunion & Scientific Meeting

1967 Residents at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

1967 Residents at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

John Lind, M.D., F 09

Fellow, 2009

Dear Dr. Anderson:

Thank you for asking me to write a memo regarding my time spent at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute as a glaucoma fellow in the year 2008-2009. It was undoubtedly the best year of training in my professional life and one of which I will always look back with fond remembrances. Most important was what I learned and the valuable relationships that I made. My experience at Bascom Palmer has helped me to become a better physician that hopefully will provide the best patient care as I possibly can. I relish the training I received at the World Famous (as Dr. Budenz calls it) Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

The first thing I think about when I recall my one year at Bascom Palmer was the wonderful co-fellows that I trained with. Those were Robert Chang, Won Kim, Michael Banitt, Jeff Goldberg in Miami and Margot Goodkin in Palm Beach. I learned so much from each of them and still rely on them for clinical and surgical phone consultations on a regular basis. Robert, Michael, Won, Jeff and I went to teaching programs after graduating from the fellowship. The camaraderie that we had during that year was incredible.

I think back also with equal fondness of the faculty of which we all trained under. Whether it be the late nights with Dr. Palmberg in the procedure room at 9 or 10 o’clock or Dr. Parrish tiptoeing in and out of the eye with a tube implant, many memories from that year continuously bring a smile to my face. I especially remember Dr. Gedde remarking that Dr. Budenz was his hero on almost on a daily basis. Dr. Gedde’s wonderful teaching and ways to teach both the residents and fellows, both surgically and in clinic, was what I model myself on today. Obviously, I will ever forget our pediatric glaucoma experience, which was one of the few centers in the United States to teach pediatric glaucoma in glaucoma fellowship. Having Drs. Hodapp, Werner and Grajewski teach us the fme art of taking care of pediatric patients with pink paper. Another unique aspect to our training was use of the trabectome by Dr. Budenz, which love of the trabectome which was as stable as the Florida barometric pressure in the summer. Dr. Budenz was an exceptional fellowship director and mentor. We can also not forget Dr. Fantes with his wonderful bedside manner and his incredible teaching clinically with a very great prospective on patient care. He also taught of how to use Express Implant, which was relatively new at our fellowship time and always promised us a post op pressure of 7 on POD #1. We also enjoyed our time with Dr. Junk and Armando in her late afternoon clinic. Dr. Lee was also a remarkable teacher and noted “foodie”. It was also great to work with him at the numerous vision screenings throughout the Miami community. I am also happy that I was Jose’s favorite fellow (granted he called all of us that). The people truly did make the difference to make the glaucoma fellowship at Bascom Palmer world class and number one in my mind.

I particularly enjoyed working with all the residents at Bascom Palmer as well as the other services during the year I spent there. Working in the eye emergency room with the first-year residents was a highlight as I was viewed as a teacher, but learned tremendously from them as well. These will be cherished memories of mine forever as well.

I feel very lucky to have gotten to spend a year at Bascom Palmer. I will treasure the experiences and relationships for the rest of my life. I am thankful for being able to have this experience. After finishing fellowship, I have established practice at the Saint Louis University Eye Institute and one year ago I married my wife, Claudia. She is a dermatopathologist also at Saint Louis University. We look forward to visiting Bascom Palmer during their many events in years to come.


John T. Lind, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Director of Medical Student Education
Admissions Committee, SLU SOM
Saint Louis University